My work is part of the “THE FRAGMENTED FRAME” A group exhibition at the CAMP Gallery in Miami 

The following of my works are on display: Human Vision l, 2015 Hong Kong Urban Arch XXXI, 2018 Hong Kong Urban Arch XXXIV, 2018 Singapore Blur I, 2019 Singapore Blur II, 2019 Singapore Blur IV, 2019 Waterworld XXI, 2020 Waterworld XXII, 2020 

Participating Artists: Xan Padron, Sven Pfrommer, Mario Rossi, and Ellen Friedlander The Show is curated by Isabella Sandstead 

Exhibition Dates Feb 12-Mar 12, 2021 

Gallery Location The Contemporary Art Modern Project Gallery 791 NE 125th Street Miami, FLORIDA 

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