34 of my works are currently part of the online exhibition at Artsper, dedicated to support the ocean world. 

About The Ocean Art Project: The ocean, one of the most diverse places on earth, is under threat. Our planet is 71 percent ocean and for a long time the oceans have thrived with healthy marine life, vibrant sea waters and beautiful coastlines. Unfortunately, a healthy ocean has become a distant dream. The flow of waste, plastic, chemicals, overfishing and shark finning has threatened the existence of marine life for decades. The equivalent of a truckload of waste is dumped into the oceans every minute. In addition, human encroachment, climate change, hunting of marine animals and harmful fishing habits are  destroying the marine environment and threatening the existence of numerous marine species and thus us. Numerous marine conservation organizations around the world are working to save the oceans and their inhabitants. 

As ocean lovers and water sports enthusiasts, we initiated “The Ocean Art Project” to support marine conservation organizations  around the world through art. When you purchase an artwork from The  Ocean Art exhibition, we are going to donate 10% of the purchase price  to support the underwater world. 

The Ocean Art Project is supporting the following organisations: 

Shark Stewards

Coral Reef Alliance

Conservation International

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society