I have been commisioned to create two artworks as wall murals for the MADURO Jazz Club at the Sofitel Singapore. 

My Art Statement for this project: “JAZZSCAPE” and “SONIC CANVAS” are two immersive murals, breathing  the soul of MADURO, a space where rhythm and melody intertwine to create  an atmosphere that resonates with the spirit of jazz. As the artist  behind this creation, I sought to encapsulate the dynamic energy and  improvisational spirit that defines the genre, translating it onto the  walls of MADURO. 

The murals unfold like a musical composition, with each stroke  representing a note, each color echoing a tone, and the overall  composition show the soul of jazz. The visual narrative is a celebration  of the varied instruments that come together to create the magic of  jazz. The central motif of the mural are stylized jazz silhouettes, where  instruments and musicians merge seamlessly, symbolizing the  collaborative and interconnected nature of jazz. 

The figures are dynamic  and fluid, capturing the essence of improvisation and the spontaneity  that defines jazz performances. Through the vibrant colors and bold  shapes, I aimed to convey the vivacity and rhythm inherent in this  musical genre. Incorporating iconic jazz instruments such as saxophones, trumpets,  and pianos, the mural pays homage to the roots of jazz while also  embracing its timelessness. 

The interplay of abstract elements and  figurative representations creates a visual rhythm that mirrors the  syncopated beats and syncopated lives of jazz musicians. “JAZZSCAPE” and “SONIC CANVAS” are more than just murals; it’s a  living testament to jazz. It invites the audience to explore the  interconnectedness of artistic expression, uniting the realms of visual  and auditory stimulation. As the mural adorns the walls of MADURO, it  serves as a visual anthem, encapsulating the very heart and soul of the  jazz experience—bold, vibrant, and timeless. 

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