JAVA JAZZ I - New mixed media works from my HUMAN BLUR SERIES 

THE JAVA JAZZ FESTIVAL in JAKARTA is always one of my highlights in the year. The festival gives me the opportunity to combine my two main passions, Music and Art, or should I say Jazz and Art. I am attending the Festival since five years in a row and every year brings some great musicians on the plenty stages. It is one of the most intense weekends that you possibly could have if you are a Jazz Fan. 

A great feature is the stay in the official Hotel Borobudur, where I join the musicians for the after show jam sessions on the hotel bar stage until dawn. The past weeks I have worked on the photos I took during the past five Java Jazz editions and would like to present a few works. As most other photographers at the festival I’m not interest in stage or musician shots but more to capture the audience and the movement of the audience. The light settings makes it perfect for me to turn the spectators into blurred silhouettes and abstract figures.

Back in my studio I have added my own reflections to each image, reworking it with paint and texture and finalized the work on acrylic, metal, resin coated wood panel or canvas. 

All limited edition of 10.

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